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"To know and not to do is yet not to know "

 — Bhuddist Saying  



Ernie Zelinski is Owner of The Real Career Success Resource Center

Besides having written Career Success Without a Real Job, Ernie is the best-selling author of several books, including How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free (over 310,000 copies sold and published in 8 foreign languages) and The Joy of Not Working (over 295,000 copies sold and published in 17 languages).

Ernie now has 111 book deals with publishers in 29 different countries. His books have now sold over 950,000 copies worldwide.

Feature articles about Ernie and his books have appeared in major newspapers including USA TODAY, Oakland Tribune, Boston Herald, The Washington Post, Toronto Star, and Vancouver Sun.

Ernie Zelinski's Top-10 Specialties

  • International Best-Selling Author — His 15 Books Have Sold Over 950,000 Copies.
  • Public Speaking — Only When He Feels Like It, Is Paid to Fly Business Class, and Gets to Stay at the Ritz-Carlton!
  • Solo-Entrepreneurship — "Secure Career" Is Not Part of His Vocabulary!
  • Early Retirement — He Semi-Retired When He Was 30 and Broke!
  • Self-Publishing — All of His Bestsellers Initially Had to Be Self-Published.
  • Book Promotion — Particularly Utilizing Free Creative E-books for Viral Marketing.
  • Foreign Book Rights Sales — Ernie Has Negotiated 111 Book Deals in 27 Different Countries for His 15 Books!
  • Living the 80/20 Way — Working 3 or 4 Hours a Day and Still Earning a Great Living.
  • Outwitting Corporate Life and Wearing a "Corporate Employment Is So Last Year" T-shirt with Pride.
  • World Class Leisureologist — Leave the Relaxing to Him!

Ernie occasionally speaks on the topics of early retirement, solo-entrepreneurship, and applying creativity to business and leisure. He recently spoke to over 2,000 executives and scholars at the National Turkish Society for Quality Convention in Istanbul.  

Ernie can be contacted at:

VIP Books

P.O. Box 4072

Edmonton, AB

Canada, T6E 4S8

Phone 780-434-9202

E-mail: Vip-Books (at) telus.net

NOTE: Ernie Zelinski may not answer your phone call immediately because he is much too important to have a cell phone.