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Welcome to The Real Success Resource Center's graffiti page.

There is no point to this webpage aside from allowing you the privilege of accessing the free downloadable ebooks in The Graffiti for the Soul Series.


Free Downloadable E-Books (In Embedded Graffito Fonts)

The Graffiti for the Soul Series

by Ernie J. Zelinski

Author of The World's Best Retirement Book.

o/Graffiti Fonts by Graffito Creator Ernie Zelinski


Graffiti (or Grafitti) Downloadable Free Ebooks Image





These seven free ebooks of graffiti (in PDF format and graffito fonts) have it all:

Wisdom. Ridicule. Sarcasm. Nonsense. Comedy. Mockery. Social commentary. Valuable insight. They are the ultimate compendium of creative college humor


You can acquire the following Seven Funky Free Downloadable EBooks in PDF format and graffito fonts from The Graffiti for the Soul Series now by clicking the appropriate bar below:

Again, High Speed Internet is recommended for all the following downloadable free e-books since files tend to be over 1 Megabyte.

Volume 2:   Graffiti for the Employees' Soul

Volume 3:   Graffiti for the College Student's Soul

Volume 4:   Graffiti for the Woman's Soul

Volume 5:   Graffiti for the Man's Soul

Volume 6:   Graffiti for the Adventurous Soul

Volume 7:   Graffiti for the Connoisseur's Soul