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"My first six years in the business were hopeless. There are a lot of times when you sit and you say "Why am I doing this? I'll never make it. It's just not going to happen. I should go out and get a real job, and try to survive."
— George Lucas 

If you want to experience real success without a real job, look for a dream job or an unreal job where the normal concerns don’t apply. An unreal job is one in which we don’t have to worry about achievement factors such as status, power, financial rewards, and advancement opportunities.

Equally important, an unreal job is hard to differentiate from leisure; it’s an opportunity to work at something for the personal satisfaction of doing it well and having loads of fun at the same time. At its best, a cool, unreal job is something that you would happily work at — or play at — for no pay.

Today there are more opportunities to work at unreal jobs than any time in history because of changing lifestyles and an incredible number of niche markets.

In Career Success Without a Real Job I list 100 of the World's Coolest UnReal Jobs that lend themselves to escaping traditional corporate life. There are many other interesting ways to make an unconventional living, however. The following stand out:


100 More Cool Dream Jobs


    • Actor
    • Adventure Travel Guide
    • Animal Therapist
    • Archeologist
    • Art Auctioneer
    • Artist & Gallery Owner
    • Arts Center Director
    • Bed & Breakfast Owner
    • Bicycle Shop Owner
    • Bootmaker
    • Brew Master
    • Car Critic & Writer
    • Car Restorer
    • Caterer
    • Cattle Rancher
    • Celebrity Personal Assistant
    • Cheese Maker
    • Choreographer
    • Coffeehouse Owner
    • Communications Consultant
    • Cruise Ship Host
    • Dance Studio Owner
    • Distiller
    • Dog Daycare Owner
    • Dog Daycare Owner & Dog Trainer
    • Dog Kennel Owner
    • Dog Sled Trainer and Kennel Owner
    • Dog Trainer
    • Dog Wash & Pet Supply Store Owner
    • Dude Rancher
    • Ebay Trader
    • Ezine Publisher
    • Fashion Buyer
    • Fashion Designer
    • Freelance Filmmaker
    • Film Events Producer
    • Fishing Boat Outfitter
    • Fishing Guide
    • Fishing Outfitter
    • Grants Writer
    • Golf Instructor
    • Home-Based Travel Agent
    • Home Renovator
    • Horse Breeder
    • Horse Trainer
    • Horse Rancher
    • Hot Rod Manufacturer
    • Hotel General Manager
    • Independent Property Caretaker
    • Interior Designer
    • Internet Fashion Editor/Publisher
    • Internet Millionaire
    • Jewelry Designer
    • Kayak Outfitter
    • Make-Up Artist
    • Martial Arts School Owner
    • Meteorologist
    • Music Club/Cafe Owner
    • Music Producer
    • Mystery Shopper
    • Not-for-Profit Director
    • Personal Trainer
    • Pet Detective
    • Photographer
    • Pit Crew Member
    • Private Investigator
    • Professional Speaker
    • Prop & Set Manager for Broadway TV and Film Industry
    • Raceway Manager
    • Radio Personality
    • Restaurant Critic
    • Restaurateur
    • Retirement Life Coach
    • RV Campground Owner
    • Salon Owner & Hair Stylist
    • Schooner Captain
    • Seminar Trainer
    • Songwriter/Music Publisher
    • Spa Owner
    • Sports Announcer
    • Style Consultant
    • Sword Maker
    • Talent Agent
    • Tea House Owner
    • Tour Guide
    • TV Producer
    • TV Production Designer
    • Veterinary Hospital Owner
    • Video-Game Producer
    • Video-Game Tester
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Voice-Over Artist
    • Yoga Studio Owner
    • Wardrobe Stylist
    • Wedding Coordinator
    • Wedding Planner
    • White Water Rafting Outfitter
    • Wine Maker
    • Wine Bar Owner & Retailer

If you are one do those “dream-job chasers” who wants to work in a job or career that you are passionate about, you will need more guidance. You will be inspired by Career Success Without a Real Job to leave your present job.

"When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home."
— Betty Bender  


Career Change Image #2Career Success Without a Real Job


The Career Book for People

Too Wise to Work in Corporations


Career success is much more than having a real job and earning a decent income. Real career success is truly enjoying what you do for a living and having the personal freedom to perform your work virtually any time you want.

This bold, unconventional career guide challenges and inspires you to:


    • Create your dream job or operate a micro-business.
    • Gain courage to escape the corporate world so that you don’t have to spend the rest of your life in a cubicle.
    • Gain the confidence, power, and will to attain the lifestyle of your dreams.
    • Experience more personal freedom and well-being.
    • Above all, get the most out of your life — personally and professionally.


Positive, lively, and captivating, Career Success Without a Real Job is designed to help you live an extraordinary lifestyle that is the envy of the corporate world. Trust me on this one — there is no life like it!

Test Drive Your Dream Job


If you have read Career Success Without a Real Job already, you may want to go one step further and find more about your dream career.

Here are two resources that you can utilize:


  • Dream Jobs to Go (at www.dreamjobstogo.com) offers information on dream jobs and how to find them! For $12.95 each, you can instantly download ebooks that will help you change your life (or get a new one). For instance, one intriguing title you can buy is How to Get a Life by Living Full-Time in a Recreational Vehicle.
  • VocationVacations (at www.vocationsvacations.com) gives people a chance to test-drive a dream career before they jump in and leave their current job. For a fee, you get to spend two days on a VocationVacation, working one-on-one with a VocationVacations Mentor, to see what your dream job is really like.

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