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There is no better way to make the Great Escape from corporate life than to earn a living via work-at-home jobs or running a work-at-home business. How many ways are there to make a living at home? Over 10,000 ways and counting!

Indeed, some of us have an incredible ability to make a real good living in unusual ways and we keep adding to the list. Of the thousands of ways to make money at home, you should be able to find several that will work for you. Some of the ways that will eventually be listed here may seem mundane to some people, but not to others.

In my opinion, for people who want to earn a living while staying at home, the Internet offers the most promise. Paradoxically, once you set up your work-at-home job or work-at-home business on the Internet, you don't have have to be at home to run it.

Below are some of the ways people earn a great living on the net:

Ten Ways to Make Money on the Internet

  • Sell your expertise. Whether you are a business consultant or a horse trainer, you can use your website to promote your services.
  • Sell your artwork or handicrafts online. People sell everything from
    home-made soap to dog clothing to paintings to photographs on the Internet.
  • Write an Ebook and set up a website where you promote and sell it as a downloadable product.
  • Create a high-traffic website and charge people to have their links
    to their websites on your website.
  • Create a high-traffic website and capitalize on the pay-per-click
    advertising revenue. This is one of the easiest ways of making money on the internet. It is common for people to make $100 a day. In fact, some people make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing this.
  • Sell other people's products on your websites. This is known as affiliate marketing. Commissions can range as high as 75%. Affiliate marketing guru Rosalind Gardner of Penticton, B.C in 2003 made a whopping $657,000 marketing other people's products.
  • Sell products on Ebay. A recent newspaper article stated that over
    250,000 people make a living marketing products on Ebay.
  • Take a sales copy writing course and write sales copy for Website
    owners who need great copy to promote their products. You don't need to be a born writer. To be a great copywriter, you just have to enjoy writing — and understand the principles that go into making strong copy.
  • Create a newsletter on some niche topic and charge people to subscribe to it.
  • Write and sell articles. There are several websites where people place their articles for sale. Complete rights for a particular article
    are sold at a higher price than than that for an article that is sold
    repeatedly on a one-time non-exclusive basis.

Clearly, there are still many opportunities to make money on the Internet in new ways. For instance, a college student recently decided to try to finance his education by selling one million pixels of advertising space on his web page for a dollar per pixel. Advertisers had to buy a minimum of 100 pixels; if they did, they could post any image linking to anywhere they wanted. Shockingly to most people, but not to the creative people of this world, this college student made his million dollars within a few months.

Again, there are many ways to create wealth from home. Most of the ways take time and work. But if you can avoid corporate life like I have for over 25 years, it is certainly worth the effort.

Note: I will be adding to this page regularly, so be sure to check back soon.


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WARNING: The Real Success Resource Center may be too radical and challenging for most workaholics, government workers, corporate deadbeats, the politically correct, and the creatively inadequate. On the other hand, it can be an invaluable source of information and inspiration for ambitious individuals who want to earn a good living and live a real good life outside the corporate world!


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